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I believe that it is better to have a small selection of clothing that fits well, rather than a closet stuffed with ill-fitting items that are rarely worn. I think this for two reasons:

  • First, buying clothing that fits poorly and therefore doesn't get worn is a waste of resources, money, and space. Clothes that fit well will be worn and used until they wear out, getting maximum use of both money spent, as well as the resources used to make them.
  • Second, a wardrobe that fits your body makes you look good and feel confident, hopefully adding to your quality of life. Work wear that fits properly, for example, can even make your physical efforts easier-- no more sagging sleeves or dragging pant legs to get caught up in the task at hand. is a resource to help shorter men find clothing that fits well and looks good-- either off the rack from retailers who stock small sizes, or with the help of an experienced tailor or custom clothier.

I am a short guy (5' 5") with small feet, and it can be a challenge to find clothing and shoes that look good on my frame. It is all-to-easy to end up with shirts, pants, and jackets that "mostly" fit, but that really aren't proportioned well for my frame.

Some time ago, I began gathering information about short men's specialty stores. I then began to search for retailers that offered small and extra-small sizes in their off-the-rack and web catalog collections. More recently, I have begun to seek out custom clothier resources, as well as companies that tailor to the "hard-to-fit" individual.

For several years now, I have maintained various online listings of these resources-- is an effort to expand these efforts with their own dedicated site.

If you know of a clotheir or retailer not listed here that offers small men's sizes, please drop me a line at

Thank you for visiting!

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