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Just as it is difficult to find men's clothing in smaller sizes, it can be even more difficult to find small-sized men's shoes. This section lists a number of online retail sites that feature small men's shoes and size-based search engines, as well as lift shoes that make the wearer appear taller.

You may first want to consult the "fitting shoes" section for information on shoe sizing.

Online Shoe Retailers with Small Sizes

Zappos has one of the best search engines for finding small and specialty sizes. Their men's size search engine goes all the way down to size 3, and widths can be searched from 3A to 6E. You can also do very specific searches on shoe type (numerous subtypes are included within dress, casual, and athletic), and even shoe color. Their selection is huge, plus they offer free shipping and free return shipping. You can also search sale items by size, and there are often great deals on smaller men's sizes. also has a fantastic advanced search engine for finding small sizes. Their men's size search goes down to size 1 (though the selection really begins at size 3), and you can also search by category, type, color, width, and price. They offer free shipping, and have a very wide selection.

Boot Bay features a large selection of work, western, and outdoor boots, in addition to many styles of shoes in adult and youth sizes. Their size search engine goes down to size 1, and search results can be sorted by gender, brand, category, features (i.e. waterproof, steel toe, etc.), color, width, and price range. They also offer free shipping.
The advanced search engine on goes down to size men's size 3. You can also search by brand, category, width, and price. They also have a wide selection, and offer free shipping. shoes are affordable, and they often carry smaller men's sizes. A nice thing about visiting a Payless store in person is that they arrange their shoes by size rather than by style, which can save a lot of time. (formerly Shoedini) sells hundreds of name brand shoes in athletic, casual, and dress shoes, as well as slippers. Their search engine goes down to size 5 on men's shoes. Searches can be sorted by price or style, and they offer free shipping.

Hitchcock Wide Shoes for Men
Hitchcock Shoes ( specializes in men's shoes in widths EEE, EEEE, EEEEE and EEEEEE in sizes 5 through 15. Use their "shoe finder" feature to search by size and a variety of other criteria. They sell more than 200 men's wide width styles in dress shoes, casual styles and moccasins, athletic footwear, work boots and even slippers and sandals. Good for guys with small, wide feet!

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Appearing Taller: About Shoe Lifts and Shoes with Built-in Lifts
For guys who are on the short side, shoe lifts or lift shoes are an option to add a couple of inches in height.

Shoe lifts are plastic, cork, or foam devices that are inserted into your regular shoes in order to give a slight increase in height. The advantages to lifts are that they are generally less expensive than shoes with built-in lifts, and you can use them in any pair of shoes that you already own (so that you can be taller in all of your shoes rather than just one pair). Lifts can be bought in incremental sets to gradually increase your height over time so that your sudden "growth" is less noticeable.

The disadvantages of lifts are that they need to be replaced every few months (due to hygienic reasons), they may be uncomfortable, and the larger-sized lifts may not fit in smaller shoes. It may be best to try a modest-sized pair of lifts first (perhaps 1 inch or 1.25 inches) to see if they are comfortable, and then think about working up to larger lifts.

Lift shoes differ from removable shoe lifts in that extra height is built into the shoe's design itself, thereby (usually) allowing for a better fit and feel than lifts. However, many still find lift shoes to be uncomfortable; as with any shoe, some styles and brands may be more comfortable and fit better than others.

Shoe Lifts

Levitator Lifts (
This company makes affordable shoe lifts in 8 sizes, ranging from 1/2 inch lifts ($9.95/pair) to 2-1/2 inch lifts ($24.95/pair). They are made of a lightweight foam that remains firm under pressure. These lifts may be better for men with smaller-sized feet because they are not full insoles; they simply slip into the heel area of the shoe.

Serendipity Shoe Lifts (
This site offers 1-inch polyethylene foam shoe lifts for $8.99 per pair. They are not full insoles; they slip into the heel area of the shoe.

Lift Shoes

Richlee Shoe Company (
Features lift shoes in dress, sport, work, and casual styles that make you appear 2 to 3 inches taller, depending on the shoe model. Their web site cannot be searched by size. It is easier to search for smaller sizes in Richlee's printed mail-order catalog, which can be obtained for free by calling 1-800-343-3810 or emailing

Walk Tall Shoes (
Features dress shoes and a few casual styles that make you appear 2.5 to 2.75 inches taller, depending on the shoe model. The site is not searchable by size, and the smallest size they offer is size 6.

Tall Men's Shoes (
Features dress, casual, walking, and extra heightening styles that add 2-4 inches in height, depending on the shoe model. The site cannot be searched by size; the smallest size they offer appears to be size 5, but not in all models.

Increasing Shoes (
Features dress and casual styles that add 2-4.25 inches in height, depending on the shoe model. They now offer a shop by size option, and the smallest size they list is 5.5. You can also shop by height increase range.



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